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Which Ads Platform Should I Advertise On: Social or Search

Deciding on whether to run social ads or search ads can be a daunting task. Each business has its own set of unique challenges so there is no real one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to advertising.

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Fundamentals of Account-based Marketing/Targeting

Account-based marketing (ABM) is a targeted growth strategy that employs highly personalized campaigns towards a select number of high-value accounts, mainly used across B2B companies.

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Frequently asked questions

Your most asked questions about our paid media services, answered.

What am I going to see with an incremental spend?

We monitor lift engagement from your previous month's spend to measure how much of an impact your additional budget has attributed to. We look directly at performance metric increases and report on hard, real-time numbers.

How does paid advertising work with my budget?

We advertise on platforms that are best for your business to work with your budget! There are several paid media strategies for varying budgets. Some include a CPC (cost-per-click), or a PPC (pay-per-click) model just to name a few! These are optimized on a regular basis to make sure we don’t overspend your advertising dollar! As we work towards growing and scaling your business based on key performance metrics, our team is happy to discuss changes to advertising spend based on seasonal trends, sales periods, and company growth initiatives.

We don’t have an in-house graphics team. Do you offer creative support?

Yes! We got you covered with all aspects of creatives whether that be design and development for a high converting landing page or A/B testing ad creatives. Our UX team will assist in crafting creatives for your advertising platforms with designs that resonate with your ideal customers.

Who will I be working with on the team?

We are a fully in-house team of passionate creators, part-time coffee drinkers and full-time data driven experts. All around creatives, business savvy individuals and a team that knows how to optimize. You’ll be working closely with a few of our team members, get to know them here.

How will I understand this campaign data?

Our team focuses on meaningful results. We work with you and your team to discuss your business goals, objectives and KPIs that measure success - we want you to understand your data. We hold recurring weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings, and strategy sessions to report on numbers that make sense! 

How can I scale on additional platforms?

Depending on your industry, there is most likely more than one platform that will work for you! We like to test, optimize and strategize on platforms that your audience engages on. We run weekly (or sometimes daily) optimizations, search term keyword research, audience targeting and so much more to ensure you get the best bang out of your advertising budget! Our team of marketing experts can help recommend the best platforms for your company to scale your business. View our complete list of advertising platforms here.

How specific can you get with targeting my ideal customer?

Show your ads to the people that matter - your ideal customers that convert. Work with our team and we will get granular about specifics by targeting top, mid and bottom of funnel. We target based on demographics, in-market, intent, similar audiences, interests, content targeting, remarketing and so much more!

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