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One of Rely Digital’s core values is to ‘support our community’. This is a fundamental part of what we stand for as a company, as well as of the staff that make up our team, and the organizations we involve ourselves with. Together, we champion initiatives that make an impactful difference in our communities. We pride ourselves in volunteering and participating in events that uphold our commitments to build connections, support those in need, and amplify the voices of marginalized groups. Over the years, we’ve enjoyed collaborating with organizations including The Terry Fox Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and our community partner, KidSafe Project Society.

Build Meaningful
Support Those
in Need
Amplify Marginalized Groups

Our Community Partner: KidSafe

KidSafe is a local charity whose mission is to provide a nurturing, safe place for over 400 elementary students in Vancouver. Dedicated to providing out-of-school care for underprivileged children during winter, spring, summer breaks, and after school, KidSafe has captured the attention and admiration of the community since 1993.

The non-profit provides safety, supervision, nutritious meals, and hours of fun programs that kids deserve when schools are closed. With 1 in 5 Vancouver children living in poverty, ensuring food security is more important now than it has ever been. We are proud to support an organization that happily provides a safe haven for Vancouver's most resilient kids.


Community Giveback Grant

In 2021, we launched Rely Digital’s Community Giveback Grant. Through this program, we opened applications to the Greater Vancouver Area to support a registered charity, non-profit, or small business with a $1,500 services grant to help achieve their digital marketing goals during a challenging time. Based on its impactful mission statement and vision to support kids in need, KidSafe was the selected organization we partnered with.

We met with the team from KidSafe to understand business objectives and current challenges to better coordinate how paid advertising could improve their key performance indicators. We structured campaigns with appropriate audience segmentation to drive engagement, and tested ad copy, creatives and ad formats to gain insights into future planning. With this Giveback Grant, we helped increase awareness of KidSafe’s values, goals, and programs across Vancouver through paid advertising for their Summer Match Campaign.

Digital Marketing Partner Initiatives

30th Anniversary Campaign
Meta Ads

KidSafe celebrated its 30th anniversary on December 20th and aimed to raise $100,000 by Christmas Day to provide educational programs and support for youth. For this milestone moment, we launched a 30th anniversary campaign across the Meta Ads platform to encourage potential donors to donate to KidSafe, support the cause, and make a lasting impact.

Spring Break Appeal
Google Ads

KidSafe’s Spring Break Program takes place every March to empower kids to take part in STEAM-themed (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) workshops, events, and activities. The objective of the Spring Break Appeal campaign was to increase reach to new donors by spreading awareness and driving traffic to their landing page. Messaging included educating people on KidSafe’s mission to help raise funds to inspire the next generation and advocate for literacy education.

Community Events

Annual Charity Golf Tournament

It was a beautiful, sunny afternoon at KidSafe’s annual Golf Tournament, their largest annual fundraising event! Our team loved meeting everyone on the course, testing our skills in a friendly golf chipping game, and helping raise funds for kids across Vancouver’s Lower Mainland.

Spring Break: Pancake Breakfast

Rely Digital had the privilege of joining KidSafe, along with other local businesses, to participate in their annual Pancake Breakfast event. It was a morning filled with sugary treats, contagious laughter, friendly competition, and most importantly, helping kids enjoy KidSafe’s Spring Break Program.

Winter Break: Ice Skating

Our team volunteered at KidSafe’s Winter Break Program, participating in their winter wonderland, ice skating field trip! Each of the seven sites spent an exhilarating morning on the ice. Wide smiles could be seen on all of the kids’ faces as they experienced the fun and joy of gliding on the ice. Our staff was excited to be a part of the winter festivities, get in on the holiday fun, and encourage the kids to skate with confidence!

Community Summary

What we stand by and what we believe in is supporting our communities, both big and small. Our team has had the pleasure of partnering with some incredible organizations that are all striving to build a better future for the next generation.

We hope to continue to volunteer, fundraise, and support programs and initiatives that help us foster stronger community connections in Vancouver and beyond.

Rely Digital consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our message reaches our audience effectively.

We want to take a moment to express our deepest appreciation for their team. From brainstorming innovative ways to enhance our campaigns to executing effective strategies, Rely Digital consistently goes above and beyond to ensure our message reaches our audience effectively. Thank you, Rely Digital, for being an inspiring partner. We look forward to reaching greater milestones in the future!

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