account-based targeting

Higher, Qualified Leads

Move your leads through the pipeline and convert them into qualified customers.

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Do You Need Help With the Following?

Coming up with an ABM strategy that targets a niche industry and narrowly targets your ideal businesses.

Reaching All Leads in Your Funnel

You have a few leads but you’re unable to get them to move through the next step in the pipeline.

Narrow Industry Alignment & Targeting

You know your ideal industry accounts but it’s hard to target correctly without wasted ad spend.

B2B Marketing Tactics & Engagement

Different from B2C, the strategies involved also vary when you’re targeting other businesses.

A better, more personalized approach

Our adaptive media plan solutions are geared towards B2B industry targeting. With our highly personalized approach, you can reach your ideal audience and get them moving through all the stages of your sales funnel all with budget efficiency targeting. We work with your team to get the results that matter most to your business. From targeting global accounts and executing on engaging campaigns, we leverage your audience data by touching on every point in the user journey in the funnel.

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Attract your prospects, build your pipeline and grow your audience

Our ABM strategies make sense: 1-to-1, 1-to-few or 1-to-many, we develop the approach that works best for your company. ABM targeting strategies are known to make sure you get your return, and we promise to deliver just that. Through our efforts, this leads to better customer retention from our content that is directly relevant to who you are targeting. Your sales team will be able to focus on accounts that are showing high intent to convert from our advertising efforts.

A sales pipeline you can’t keep up with.

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Our Strategies That Work

Target your digital advertising towards the decision makers that ultimately convert into customers.

What We Do

Utilize ideal advertising platforms

1-to-1 or 1-to-few marketing

Generate awareness and build interest

Top to bottom funnel tactics

Conversion tracking & setup

Hyper-regional targeting

What We Test

A/B test landing pages for CRO

Ad copy & form fill testing

Various industry targeting

Industry trends, guides & report

Creative graphics

Industry targeting

Measurable direct communication strategies

We start with identifying buyer persona and mapping your audience's journey. Through our funnel tactics and remarketing efforts, we develop tailor-made strategies to monitor your current prospects and get them to convert. If it’s industry call-outs or individual ad copy messaging for a company, we know the strategies that work.

Metrics that matter most:
  • Leads

  • MQLs

  • CPL

  • CTR

  • Impressions

  • Reach

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